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Bangkok Ladyboy Escorts, located in the heart of Bangkok, is the premiere Ladyboy Escorts agency. All of our ladyboy escorts are not only the most beautiful shemale models, they are certainly the top erotic kinky companions in Bangkok. You are guaranteed the best girlfriend experience from these Bangkok Ladyboy Escorts.

Premiere Thai Ladyboys

Asian Ladyboys and in particular Thai Ladyboys are known to be very feminine, beautiful and possess excellent erotic skills. Please browse our upcoming website if you’re in search of Thai Model Ladyboys company.

Thai Ladyboys are well known for taking exceptionally good care of themselves. Often Thai Ladyboys are so beautiful, it is extremely difficult to tell them apart from a ‘real’ woman.

Ladyboys you meet at Go Go Bars and on the street have a tendency to become fairly violent or pushy, which is totally against the nature of most Thai women. However, all of Bangkok Ladyboy Escort models who work for us are extremely well behaved and safe to be with.

Stay safe and make sure you choose one of our Bangkok Ladyboy Escorts!

Some Facts About the Thai Ladyboy

In Thailand the Thai Ladyboy is referred to as ‘Katoey’. How to distinguish between a Thai Ladyboy and a natural born female? A physical clue to recognize a Thai Ladyboy is the fairly deep voice. Another clue is to look at their shoulders which, like men, are wider than their hips.

In general, Thai Ladyboy bar girls make more money than their female counterparts.

Bangkok Ladyboy Escorts is by far the most convenient and safest way to get company of a Thai Ladyboy. Check back this page as per counter and give us a call when the site opens. We are looking forward in providing you with a hot model Thai Ladyboy during your stay in Bangkok!

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